Friday, September 28, 2012

New Beginnings!

Wow, I can't believe I gave this up in February! It feels like an eternity ago! I really need to stop and go over what has happened this year ... but, not tonight. That sounds like a good goal to set for tomorrow (or actually later today since it is well past midnight here).

Back to business. Actual Business! I have opened up a new blog. Please come visit me over at my craft business blog Little Sak of Beans! It is going to be a few days before everything is up and running and fresh. I can't wait to have it all complete! I have copied the first posting from my new blog page so you can go visit me over there, or read it down below. There are give-aways and many chances to win your own "Little Sak of Beans" items! Thank you so much for continuing to follow me on this journey and please come back to see where I have been all year!

(below is the posting from my new business blog)

Welcome to my new blog!!

I started my original blog Surrounded By Pink to be a site to post my crafts and it ended up being more of a journal of thoughts and journeys as a Mom and Wife. I am now opening this blog as a place to sell my items! I am really enjoying learning how to crochet and would love to share my stuff with others! Please share on your blogs, follow me on twitter (Little Sak of Beans), "Like" us on Facebook Little Sak of Beans and invite your friends. I am going to start by giving away a free hat or baby blanket ... YOUR CHOICE! When I get to 50 followers on my Little Sak of Beans twitter account, I will have a give away. When we reach 50 "likes" on facebook, give away time! When we reach 50 followers on my new blog ... another give away! FUN TIMES!!!

More about this site! I have started crocheting and really enjoy it. I love how happy it makes my girls when I buy a new pattern and actually complete it! They love seeing a ball of yarn come to life and I love them sharing in my excitement! I hope to do more so if anyone has a pattern they would like to see "come to life" ... please send it my way!

I do make lots of other items. I recently started cloth diapering our youngest, Beans. So, of course, I also decided to make some diapers of my own. I love buying new diapers, mostly online, but there is something to be said about making a diaper and having it WORK ... and not to mention how darn cute they look on her! I have also been making wet bags ... those are really fun!

I also have an active ETSY account and Ebay. I really hope to get my name out there, and would love your help. As I mentioned above, as I reach more and more followers, we will have more give aways! Follow me on twitter and follow my blog for multiple chances to win multiple items! Tag my blog on facebook, #SakoBeans on twitter and link to me on your blog and get 3 more chances for a give away! I am feeling extremely giving so help me out!!! :)

Thanks everyone!!

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  1. Oh yay - I'm so glad you're back!!! I checked in on you a few weeks ago. I hope all has been okay - I will go and join your new site now xx Nat